Eric Singh

Eric Singh

Managing Partner

About Eric

Eric graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and over the last 24 years has been a technologist, consultant, entrepreneur and intellectual within the IT and SAP Supply Chain industry.

He began his career working on UNIX systems running ERP software. Later he became a key resource that worked closely with the corporate CFO to complete the logistics modules and assist with financial projects involving various audit/system/legal requirements ultimately leading to a successful company IPO.

Eric then joined SAP America as a Senior Application Consultant and worked closely with numerous clients, improving business processes for Purchasing, Inventory, and Warehouse Optimizations. By 2001, he had quickly progressed and became one of the elite Platinum Warehouse Management consultants at SAP America and highly regarded within the SAP WM ecosystem.

As a Platinum Consultant, Eric’s main role was building solution templates for various Fortune 50 companies. During this period, he was also actively with various critical escalation issues, product development and software ramp up testing for new SAP product releases. In over two decades, Eric has amassed expertise in the Food, Beverage, Electronic, Paper & Pulp, Pharmaceutical and Government Services industries.

As the SAP Supply Chain Execution industry has increasingly moved towards Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), Eric has modeled several EWM solution templates and navigated numerous clients through successful implementations.

In addition to managing director, Eric continues to roll out EWM for valued clients in high volume, complex environments by utilizing functionalities that have an underlying simple design.

Chris Schultz ETS Program Director

Chris Schultz

Program Director

About Chris

Chris earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from Hofstra University and for the 26 years since he has been helping companies solve complex business challenges with innovative software and consultative solutions. A keen observer and problem solver Chris has been involved in many successful projects, and more importantly some failures, where the best type of learning often occurs. Skilled in multiple functional and technical disciplines, he prefers being near the action on a warehouse or production floor.

Over the years, Chris has embraced numerous roles; software engineer, project manager, team leader, business analyst, architect, tester, user, trainer, and “call me at any hour” support.

Chris’ career began as a software engineer, primarily creating real-time material handling/AIDC solutions, often related to scanning, printing and processing barcodes. Later, having advanced to lead designer and developer for several complex order fulfillment solutions in the Pharmaceutical and Publishing industries, Chris became more focused on business process analysis and the longer term impact of solutions.

In early 1999, Chris entered the world of SAP and continued his migration towards becoming a business process expert. Initially focused on SAP business process optimization and mobility, he gained considerable expertise in SAP Logistics Execution and related domains through numerous successful project implementations across a wide variety of industries including but not limited to Life Sciences, Chemical, Food, and Beverage.

Over the last 17 years, Chris has continued to expand his expertise into other areas such as Materials Management, Transportation and Plant Maintenance and has become a recognized expert in SAP Supply Chain process optimization and RF functionality, often speaking at industry conferences, authoring white papers, and creating several niche add-on solutions.

More recently, Chris has assumed various roles designing and implementing a wide variety of SAP Supply Chain and Enterprise Mobility projects. This ability to provide expertise from both a functional and technical perspective, and see the larger picture has been an enduring part of his success.

At every stage of his career and in every project, Chris has assumed the role of valued and trusted advisor for his clients and colleagues. Chris and his family currently reside in the greater Philadelphia area and he continues to be passionate about leveraging his vast base of cross-functional and technical skills to reduce complexity for users and help his client’s business process owners realize their operational goals.

Syed Ismail

Syed Ismail


About Syed

Syed Ismail is a Director of Global Delivery at ETS Consulting Services and has over 18 years of experience in the Consulting services industry. He has varied experience in Supply chain management modules of SAP across different industry segments such as Consumer Products, Food, Electronics and Healthcare Products Manufacturing. He has been instrumental in Architecting and delivering complex SAP Warehouse management solutions using Global Delivery Models at various client sites.

Syed comes with remarkable acumen of technical, operational and business management skills. In his current role, he has been entrusted with SAP EWM delivery functions at ETS and help customers gain enterprise-wide productivity, improving KPIs in all the areas of distribution and warehouse management.

He has previously worked in Managerial roles at Ernst and Young Advisory services division and prior to that he was part of the core delivery team at Infologix and Logistar Solutions.

Scott McLeod Delivery Services

Scott McLeod

Delivery Services

About Scott

Scott McLeod is a key member of the Delivery Services team within the ETS Supply Chain Group.  Mr. McLeod helps guide the client through the different phases of EWM implementation.

Mr. McLeod has over fifteen years’ experience implementing SAP WM and RF. Mr. McLeod’s early career background was in managing Warehouses and Distribution Centers for companies in the Aerospace and Defense and Life Sciences industries. He joined SAP America in 1998 as a WM/MM Application Consultant. During the twelve years spent working for SAP, Mr. McLeod helped his customers improve their processes and efficiency through the implementation of SAP WM. His client companies were from the High Tech, Life Sciences, Aerospace and Defense, Consumer Products, and Medical Device industries.

Mr. McLeod is a native Texan and lives near Austin, Texas.

Julie Branum

Julie Branum

Marketing Coordinator

About Julie

Julie Branum oversees ETS Consulting Services marketing strategy. She provides the planning and leadership to the Marketing Department by ensuring that the appropriate structures, systems, competencies and values are developed in order to meet and exceed the goals of the Marketing plan.

Mrs. Branum has over 9 years experience developing annual marketing plans for organizations. She is responsible for strategic market planning; market research; branding and design, and control of the marketing budget.

Julie works for the growth of ETS and is continually refining strategy and preparing new product marketing plans for product introductions in cooperation with senior management.