EWM Proof of Concept

Introducing the ETS EWM Rapid Prototype Service (RPS)

EWM Rapid Prototype Service (RPS)

Connect the latest EWM release to your ECC sandbox (or non-SAP host) to prove out integration scenarios before fully committing to an EWM project

SAP Host Option

EWM Rapid Prototype Service (RPS)

Legacy Host Option

ETS EWM Legacy Host Option

Fractional cost of full EWM implementation, dependent on scope

Low risk option for proving EWM integration and capabilities

Learn from an operational EWM system connected to your ECC (sandbox) system or non SAP Host

Provides valuable insight for clients evaluating EWM

Allows clients to view latest capabilities of EWM

Secure data center located in United States

Site to Site VPN Tunneling for secure data connections

The EWM on NetWeaver/HANA options can be connected to any SAP/non SAP host environment using flat files, Web Service calls or other Connectors