Graphical Reporting Tools

Analytics – Extractors & BW Queries

Delivery based KPIs

  • On time delivery
  • Proof of delivery
  • Delivery errors

Task based KPIs

  • Volume, Weight
  • Processing times

Stock based KPIs

  • Warehouse capacity

Transportation Unit based KPIs

  • Time in yard


BW Graphical Reporting

Warehouse Operations Reporting & Monitoring

Analytics & Reporting

Full warehouse operations visibility for
efficient performance monitoring & problem resolution

Warehouse Management Monitor

Warehouse Management Monitor SAP

Warehouse Cockpit

SAP Warehouse Cockpit

Graphical view with SAP Crystal Reports

Multi-KPI/ area monitoring cockpit with SAP Easy Graphics Framework

  • Comprehensive, real-time warehouse operations overview
  • Activity and exception monitoring with alert management
  • Direct follow-up action/exception handling capabilities