Labor Management Functionality

Labor Management Systems

LM Planning

  • Visibility of planning workload based on warehouse tasks
  • Planning and simulation of workload prior to execution

LM Demand Planning

  • Forecast future workload based on historical workload records. The forecast calculation uses an advanced time-series algorithm from the SAP HANA
  • The system aggregates overdue workload at the current time slot, that is, the current hour, day, or week depending on the selected time slot size

LM Tracking and Capture

  • Visibility of executed workload based on warehouse tasks
  • Capture indirect labor tasks – Cleaning, meeting, sweeping, etc.
  • Integration of engineered labor standards for warehouse task capture
  • Travel distance calculation for managing of warehouse tasks

LM Evaluation

  • Integration to SAP HR for performance based incentives
  • Evaluation of employee performance

LM Reporting

  • Integrated reporting with SAP BI
  • SAP EWM for graphical reporting
  • Monitor historical workload records

LM Reporting (New Enhancements)

  • Standard reporting views within the Warehouse Management Monitor
  • Shift and Supervisor are appended to current report structures and this allows reporting of worker efficiency by Shift and Supervisor
  • Labor Idle Report – Supervisor Manage in real-time to spot idle workers without being on the floor
  • Overtime tracking and this allows Supervisors to track overtime work to help ensure OT is being utilized effectively for critical and productive tasks

Activation of Labor Management

Labor Management

  • Activated by warehouse number and level of internal process steps
  • Can be deactivated for Particular External Process Steps
SAP Labor Management Screen
Labor Management Screen
Labor Management Screen