MFS Enhancements

SAP Material Flow System (MFS) enables the connection of warehouse automation equipment to the SAP EWM system without the need for an additional Warehouse Control Unit (WCU) or Warehouse Control System (WCS) MFS provides direct control to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) from within SAP EWM via the SAP plant Connector integrating monitoring of PLC’s into the SAP EWM monitoring tool.


Support Processes: • Putaway, Picking (Full Pallet and Pick HU), Replenishment, Rearrangement, Empty Pallet Removal

Multi-Depth Storage


Putaway Strategy


Stock Removal Strategy


Handling Pre-Picking Goods


Extensibility Concept – BAdls


Enlarge Telegram Length


Telegram Retry


Enhanced Monitoring


SAP EWM (including Material Flow System)

Plant Connectivity



MFS Enhancements Demo

Example Layout

MFS Enhancements Example Layout