Pick-by-Voice with SAP EWM

Pick By Voice SAP EWM


Seamless integrated optimized pick-by-voice transactions

  • Embedded in well established RF framework and Internet Transaction Server (ITS)
  • Widespread standards applied (XHTML + Voice)
  • Fast Pick-by-Voice Response Times
  • Non-Disruptive Error Handling
  • Partnering with voice Recognition Providers (TopSystems, VoCollect)

Graphical Warehouse Layout

Warehouse Layout

2-Dimensional graphical warehouse layout for warehouse master data set-up visualization and warehouse object details.

Warehouse Layout
Graphical Warehouse Layout
Warehouse Layout Overview

Warehouse Layout Overview

  • Visual display of master data set-up
  • Warehouse and yard overview
  • Color-coded storage types (High rack, bins, handling unit, conveyor…)
  • Travel paths and distances
  • Aerial warehouse and rack frontal views (with zoom-in/out)


Drill-down Details

  • Resource status/location
  • Storage bin status (empty, blocked)