Production Staging & Consumption

Production Staging and Consumption

Staging & Consumption

Web Dynpro UIs



Consumption Reversal

Radio Frequency UIs


Consumption Reversal HU related materials

Consumption Reversal Non-HU related materials

Staging Report

(Background Processing)

Monitor Node for

Production Material Request

Desktop UI for Consumption

& Consumption Reversal

Desktop UI for Production

Material Request

Consumption: Post quantities out of stock against the manufacturer order

  • Enter consumption in EWM with new desktop / RF UI/API
  • Posts consumption in EWM first
  • Store consumptions in PMR to allow consistent data handling in ERP
  • Send information about goods issue to ERP using material
  • Reversal to PSA is possible

Improved Consumption for Production

  • Triggered in EWM > immediate stock update, always accurate stock in EWM
  • Flexible quantities at goods issue: Partial goods issue or exceed planned quantity
  • User-friendly & nice UIs – Desktop and RF
  • Lean integration┬áto ERP > high performance, lower TCO – especially for high number of goods issue postings

Ready for a Connection to a Manufacturing Execution System


Independence from ERP System

  • Post consumption in EWM while ERP is not available
  • ERP update asynchronous when system is available